• Cleaning up after the Dog

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    Pull plastic bag from pocket
    and wave it like a flag

    or diploma. Make sure many people
    congratulate your care
    for the community.

    Check bag for holes.
    Double check.

    Inspect stool for odd hues.
    Greens, blues, blood.

    Evaluate consistency.

    You don't want to leave smears
    on the sidewalk or grass—no prints.

    Getaway must be clean.

    Prepare to go in for all of it.
    Hold breath.
    Grab, clamp, reverse bag, twist, knot, cinch.

    Smell hands.

    Hold loaded bag high in the air,
    assure onlookers that Everything is Okay.

    If a cop should cruise by,
    his crew cut bristling
    in the sun,

    hold that bag higher,
    so he, too, can salute
    your contribution.

    The bomb diffused,
    the world a little safer, a little cleaner,

    will not offend the deep treads
    of someone's shoes.

    If you would like to hear the audio of this poem by Garrison Keillor visit : writersalmanac.publicradio.org/

  • Dad Look No Choke Chains

    Monday, February 15, 2010

    Here is a perfect example of how to train your dog using rewards.

    Buck Counts!


    National Train Your Dog Month
    Association of Pet Dog Trainers
  • Shelter Love Somebody

    Wednesday, January 27, 2010

    A lovely song for a wonderful cause. Sissy Spacek and her daughter Schuyler Fisk signing the song "Love Somebody."  You can buy the song on iTunes for only 99 cents - All proceeds help the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA, Va.
    Here is the link:
  • Where Do Puppies Come From

    Monday, January 25, 2010

    Finally, someone that has a rational voice in the dog world.  The voice is Nancy Kay, DVM.  She tells it like it is, with authority in her blog, Spot Speaks.
    Dr. Kay's 12 tips for Reputable Breeders to Puppy Mills and Breed Rescue is something we have heard about in the news and even on Oprah.  Dr. Kay blogs and I hope we listen.
    Where do puppies come from is something to think about.  In the last week, I have attended a dog show, been to Animal Services where puppies have a bare floor to sleep on with little contact with the outside world and then finally a person who wanted to share the miracle of life (whelping of puppies) with the children.
    I haven't been to a puppy mill, but if you visit the local pet store, where everything is clean with the promise of the product (puppy) is from a local breeder, then you have all the places you can get a puppy, with a glossy look with no pain.
    Stop by Spot Speaks and pass it along.

    Thank you Dr. Kay for your grit and for Speaking for Spot.

    Nancy Kay, DVM
    Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
    Recipient, American Animal Hospital Association 2009 Animal Welfare and Humane Ethics Award
    Author of Speaking for Spot: Be the Advocate Your Dog Needs to Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life
    Become a Fan of Speaking for Spot on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nancy-Kay/105415179814

  • Apologize Every Day

    Monday, January 18, 2010

    Of course every thing I read has to be slanted towards animals, especially dogs.  Not that it has to be written about dogs, mind you, I  just have to slant it.  It always comes back to dogs.  For instance, today I'm reading my daily Improvised Life email and the rule for living is "Apologize Every Day."

    Here is my slant:

    Apologize for:
    • Not taking your dog for a walk to enrich their lives.
    • Not giving them the extra biscuit they try to squeeze out of you at the end of the day at bed time.
    • Not stopping to pet them every time you pass them.
    • Not stuffing a Kong or bone on that really boring day.
    • Not brushing them.
    • Not training them to communicate effectively.  Would rather that *they* just get it.
    • Not letting them stop at that spot on the street, with their favorite lamp post because you had to get back to your busy life.
    • Not coming home for lunch (or someone else) to let your dog out to relieve themselves.
    • Keeping them in a crate all day.

    Think about apologizing and then change it.

    Change it:

    Take your dog out for a walk even though you have a fenced backyard.  Imagine yourself not being able to leave the home and yard, only to go to the vet?
    Could you imagine wanting a last snack before bed and you can't, you suddenly lost your thumbs?
    We would be/go crazy if we couldn't cruise the internet, pick up the phone, or watch T.V., that is called enrichment folks.
    Out on shopping day, they shut down your favorite coffee house, no smells there.
    I left these three things for last, because I believe they are the most important.
    Cross your legs all day, no bathroom break for you. Or on the days you are sick, because you ate something you couldn't tolerate, no special bathroom trips.  At all.
    Sit in one spot, or lay in one spot all day, move just a little, every day.
    What if we didn't understand the language and you were punished for not understanding the language.   I stepped off a plane in Milan and there were military  guys with no smiles sporting big guns standing at attention. .  In the 80s, when machine guns were something I've only heard of in books or movies,  here it was a few feet from me. I can't tell you how frightened I was...I wish I had learned the language.  I once tried to exit a store in Sweeden and couldn't. I was tired, jet lagged out, frustrated, and I started to cry. All *exits* to the rear of the store. If I could only read Sweedish...

    Apologize to your dog every day.  Change what you do every day.  Be a nicer understanding person every day.

  • Vote Today Shelter Challenge

    Monday, January 18, 2010

    How easy is this?  Click to give.  No money, just click!


    Eighty-five grants will be awarded for a total of $100,000 to eligible Petfinder.com members. Final prizes will go to the eligible Petfinder.com organization with the highest accumulative votes for the duration of the Challenge as specified in the rules.

    Voting begins on January 18th, 2010, and ends at midnight (PST) on April 18th, 2010. The more friends you can rally to vote for your favorite rescue organization, the better its chances of winning. Every vote, every day counts - shelters can pull ahead even during the last few days with enough support. Get people involved! Your favorite rescue organization is counting on you!

    Eligible organizations with the most votes could receive a weekly prize and/or one of the other grants below:

    Grand Prize:  One $10,000 grant!
    Honorable Mention:  Three $3,000 grants!
    State Winners*:  Fifty-one $1,000 state grants
      (50 U.S. states and Washington D.C.)
    Canadian Winners*:  Two $1,000 grants will be awarded
    International Winner*:  Two $1,000 grants will be awarded.
    Weekly Winners**  We're doubling your chances for a weekly prize! Twenty-Six $1,000 grants will be awarded, two for each week of the Shelter+ Challenge.
  • Low Cost Spay Neuter for Companion Animals and Feral Cat Program

    Friday, January 15, 2010

    Spay Pasco Receives a $5,000.00 Grant from PetSmart Charities®
    to Spay/Neuter Feral Cats.

    (San Antonio, Florida) Spay Pasco received a $5,000 grant to help increase the number of sterilization surgeries for feral cats. The organizations 2-year-old feral cat sterilization program successfully alters an average of more than 400 cats per year, to proactively fight the area’s dire homeless pet overpopulation problem.

    The grant will allow Spay Pasco to offer feral cat surgeries at a discounted price of $15; the program also includes a rabies vaccination. The cats can be taken to several participating clinics throughout the county to be spayed or neutered. Spay Pasco’s goal is to eliminate homeless pet overpopulation in Pasco County.

    “We are excited to be able to offer feral cat surgeries for a discounted price of $15 (normal cost $25). We hope that this will increase the total number of spay/neuter surgeries preformed. Since one female cat and her offspring have the potential to produce thousands of additional feral cats, every sterilization surgery truly does make a difference in our community,” said Diana Mattox, president of Spay Pasco.

    “Spay Pasco is an excellent example of a spay/neuter program that is taking the initiative to improve the local community” said Mary Andrews, treasurer for Spay Pasco.

    “We are now working with even more organizations and hope to see even better results in 2010” remarked Carol Comer, vice president for Spay Pasco.

    Our agency was founded in July of 2007 by Diana Mattox, DVM. Her aspiration is to help end the homeless pet overpopulation in Pasco County by spaying and neutering companion animals and feral cats. Dr. Mattox, along with a small group of volunteers with a passion for animals, joined together to create Spay Pasco.

    To date Spay Pasco works with numerous veterinary hospitals and other organizations to make this program the success that it is. No one could do this job alone; it takes the collaboration of our many partners to make it victorious. For more information on our feral cat program, please call 352.585.6205 or visit our Web site at www.spaypasco.com.

  • Overview of Temperament Testing for Animal Shelters

    Monday, January 11, 2010

    Dr. Terry Spencer of  The Humane Society of Tampa Bay and  Pasco Hernando Veterinary Medical Association presents an “Overview of Temperament Testing for Animal Shelters" this Friday the 15th at 7 pm at Courteous Canine, Inc.

    in Lutz , FL , USA at their main location 3414 Melissa Country Way , Lutz , FL , USA .


    For directions please check out the website www.CourteousCanine .com.


    There is no charge for this 90 minute presentation. Please come and join us!

  • Petfinder Love At First Sight

    Wednesday, January 06, 2010

    Woman's Day Magazine recently named Betsy Saul, co-founder of Petfinder, one woman of 50 who is changing the world. Since 1996 Petfinder has facilitated millions of animals adopted from its site.  I have 3 of them.

    Thank you Betsy Saul for your compassion and insight. Love at first sight, indeed.

    Story here: http://www.petfinder.com/blog/2009/08/05/ever-wonder-how-petfinder-got/

  • Polar Bear Plunge for the Humane Society of Washington County

    Saturday, January 02, 2010

    Santa stopped by Maryland, along with Gumby and a gnome to jump in the water for Maryland's Humane Society of Washington County.

    Thanks Paul and Pat Miller! Happy New Year 2010.