Catherine J. Crawmer

Catherine Crawmer started breeding and training parakeets when she was 9 years old. This parakeet troupe put on a performance that included an advanced obstacle course complete with a see saw and brick houses. She volunteered at a pet shop and worked there every weekend and a couple evenings a week from the age of 10 to 16 years old. Pet stores were very different then and the two pet stores owned by the same family had species now rarely seen outside of zoos. For sale were ocelots, raccoons, skunks, primates such as spider, squirrel, marmoset and macaques, reptiles of all kinds andan incredible array of birds including many species from hyacinth macaw to red factor canaries.

Catherine started training dogs at a local club under a student of Blanche Saunders and an AKC obedience judge. She trained other people's dogs and acquired many AKC obedience titles on them at the same time showed a wide variety of dogs in the breed ring. Catherine trained many AKC titled dogs winning obedience dogs including the youngest Doberman to ever gain a utility title. She has bred and owned a number of poodle champions and based a line of poodles on a utility titled poodle which accomplished a number of wins at AKC obedience trials. She traineddogs in the sport of schutzhund as well asguard dogs for commercial and private use. A student of many experts, Catherine Crawmer has attended hundreds of training seminars on all species and is well versed in diverse methodology.

Catherine left home at 16 years old and started a professional career as a dog groomer and dog trainer while continuing pursuit of showing dogs in the breed ring and training a wide variety of other species.

A full time professional trainer of animals of all types and sizes, Catherine Crawmer along the way became an award winning writer, a magazine publisher and an animal specialistcourt witness. Acquiring a bachelors degree in psychology came later in life as she continued to work in the animal training field.

Catherine has produced a number of video tapes on applied animal behavior and training which have been shown by world renowned behavior experts and college professors in seminars and class rooms around the world. These trainingtapes include the training of fish, parrot, vulture, house cats, lion, tiger, goat and other animals, some of which are doing incredibly complex behaviors. Particularly famous were the first cats every trained to negotiate dog agility equipment on cue, off lead and outdoors.Catherine Crawmer'scara cara bird (vulture) trained in incredibly complex routines was recorded on tape to the delighted both laymen and scientists and received acclaim from audiences around the world. These have been seen by trainers, educators and animal keepers at the conventions of the Int Association for Behavior Analysis, Zoo Keepers Association, Marine Mammal Trainer's Association, North American Falconry Association and others and by hobby and professional trainers at various seminars from Japan to Canada.

As comfortable with horses as she is with house cats and exotics, Catherine Crawmer is a popular and busy speakeron many species and a number of specialized subjects including animal law and municipalanimal control. She has served on the board of directors of a zoo and on several animal welfare organizations.

Catherine teaches several animal related courses at a local community college including one titled So You Want To Work With Animals. This popular course includes information on more than 40 different career and volunteer opportunities for those interested in becoming involved in animal related pursuits.

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