Maureen Schooley

Maureen Schooley started to train in 1986 in New York. She interned for over a year with two trainers, owners of Markay Dog Training in Chicago, with one owner president of the Medallion Rottweiler Club, and the other owner a Great Dane breeder, both with over 20 years experience in dog training. For over a year, she attended private lessons, 5-6 classes per week, the beginning of Agility, and therapy dogs.  Her background includes rescue and  training in New York, Chicago, and Florida and encompasses a wide variety of training facilities such as veterinarian offices, park districts, YMCAs, private kennel Shiba and Pyr's, boarding kennels, dog parks, big box and small retail stores, Gold Coast Kennel Club, and in clients' homes.
Lecturer: Start Off on the Right Paw, for libraries in Chicago and Florida. Enrichment after school program for Grade schools - dog language, and hands on with dogs.

In addition to professional services Maureen also volunteers her time with Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida. She has fostered only 4 dogs for Lab rescue, keeping three of them. Jet, came to her as a pup, Annabelle and Milk Dud came as seniors at the young age of 9 yrs. Millie, a feral cat stays with them as well.

Past Charter BOD Friends of Pasco Animal Services
Past Trainer for SPCA Largo for new adoptions and training volunteer program.
Past SPCA certificate for DART for Horse Rescue

Association of Pet Dog Trainers APDT # 67484 past (end 2010)

AKC, Canine Good Citizen # 9705 past (end 2010)

Seminars and Course Experience

ABA Association for Behavior Analysis: Bob Bailey, Karen Pryor. Dog Trainer's Forum: Charter Member, Special Interest Group. (1993, 1998)

Ken Rameriz: Animal Behavior and Training (Audit). Shedd Aquarium / Western University. (1999)

Animal Behavior (Audit). University of Chicago. (1992)

Dr. Ian Dunbar:
Theory, Puppy, Adult Dogs. Preventing Aggression. Problem Solving. Children and Dogs. Heritage, PA. (1991)
Practical Application of Theory, Hierarchy in Dogs Workshop. Beagles at Berkeley. Fox River Grove, IL (1991)
2nd Annual Puppy Training Workshop. Sirius Puppy Training. Concord, CA. (1992)
Bad Behavior and the Veterinary Practitioner presented by Center for Applied Animal Behavior. Rolling Meadows, IL (1993)
Dr. Dunbar's 2nd Annual Dog Behavior and Training Course. Antioch, IL (1993)
Canadian CAPDT (1993)
Sex and the Single Dog. WI (1995)
My Dog Can Do That, All Star Games. MI (1996)
Three Day Instructors Workshop. Orlando, FL (2001)
Syllabus for Adolescent/Adult Dog Classes (2006)

Dr. Dan Tortora: Principals of Negative Reinforcement. NJ (1992)

Suzanne Clothier: Canine Movement, TTouch, Gentle Training. Hanover Park, IL (1992, 1993, 1994)

Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT): Annual Conference (1994, 1999)

Dr Roger Abrantes:
   Canine Communication. Naperville, IL (1995)
   Futura. Naperville, IL (1995)
   Canine Home Alone C.H.A.P. Naperville, IL (1994)
   Canine Aggression. Naperville, IL (1996)
   The Secret of Getting Information without Asking.      Naperville, IL (1998)

Terry Ryan: Dog Behavior and Training Workshop. Naperville, IL (1998)

Dr. Wayne Hunthausen: Fears & Phobias, Compulsive Disorders. Naperville, IL (1997)

Dr. Pam Reid: Excel-erated Learning. Lutz, FL (2000)

Martin Deeley: Good Manners & Reliability. Naperville IL (1994) Kildeer, IL (1995)

Jean Donaldson: Improving Training Skills. Naperville, IL (1996)

Karen Pryor: Don't Shoot the Dog: Clicker Training. Rolling Meadows, IL (1993)

Gary Wilkes: Click and Treat. Rolling Meadows, IL (1993)

Cheryl Smith: Fighting & Biting Aggression Workshop & Seminar. Naperville, IL (1996)

Marge Gibbs: The Domestic Dog, Serpell: Lake County College, IL (1997)

Dr. Patricia McConnell: Advanced Canine Behavior. Naperville, IL. (1998)Tarpon Springs, FL (2003)

Chuck Tompkins, Thad Lacinak: Positive Dog Training. Tarpon Springs, FL (1999,2000)

Sue Sternberg: Training and Shelter Dog Seminar. Tarpon Springs, FL (2001)

ClickerExpo:Kathy Sdao. Orlando, FL (2004)

Service Dog Seminar: Becky McClintock. Lutz, FL. (2010)

Nicole Wilde: St. Petersburg, FL. (2009)