Dog Dim Denver Owner

Maureen Schooley on 3/28/2011

Once appeasement is present, as it was in head shifting, along with the body, eyes squinting, then the retracted grin, all btw is not even registering with the owner, along with the Good Morning America staff, should be a clear sign that the dog is very uncomfortable. I guess it would have been a *hoot* if the dog dropped and rolled (last appeasement gesture) for all of the dog-dim to howl.

This video, although funny to the 26,000 + Facebook friends and 48,000 hits on YouTube is not very funny to people that really *do* understand dog behavior. Maybe this is why we have so many dog deaths in the millions per year. Dramatic? I guess...

Dr. Abrantes once stated in one of his seminars: the number one reason for dogs biting humans is when appeasement gestures are not accepted.

Dog-dim: one who is...uh...dim about dog behavior.

For 'smart dog know how' check out:
Dr. Sophia Yin and Dr. Ian Dunbar's videos on the net and Facebook. It's a howl to know the real story of dog behavior.

Looking back at Denver's moments in the limelight, I would say that he had a good temperament to deal with the misunderstanding of the cat treat incident presented repeatedly by of his owner. Denver, being a dog with no other language skills to say, "hey dude, this doesn't sound, or look like love", I will give you many signals to say, "I'm sorry that you're upset."  If this had been another dog we may have had a different ending to the video. A growl, which is the warning, and perhaps a bite, sealing the deal.

The owner's statement "the bite came from out of the blue." Sure it did.