Maureen Schooley on 6/3/2011

Canine Talk is about talking to dogs, and hearing what they say.

Ferocious. fuh-roh-shuh s
I will break this down in dog language and my 1st language - New York.

Fuh = fur
Roh = bark
Shuh = be quiet
S = see

These were the actions that took place earlier this morning. 10:00. In the back yard. Picking up poop.Well, someone has to do it and that would be me. They, the dogs, two of them were primed as they left the house to enter a kind of freedom, that only a dog would know. I have no idea what that means.It just sounds wild. Primed because earlier that morning two humans knocked on the front door. Bark, bark, bark......I say nothing, but a quiet "good dog!" I want them to bark. Simple. The humans left, and said to my dogs, "ok, that's enough. All quiet. Settled down for the morning activities - a nap. They stayed on alert. Backyard. I am dressed in my dog poo picking up clothes, nothing matches or fits properly, knowing that no one will see me, I am all about the procedure of picking up the - (can there be another word other than poo, poop that grownups can use?)  I notice the dogs are not meandering as they normally do and I'm thinking this is because of the earlier front door incident. Stackable moments, now stacking up. Stackable: things that stack upon one another until you tip the edge of reason. It has something to do with adrenaline, but since I am not a vet - I won't go there. On edge, moving and now sniffing the air...I'm thinking - an animal?  no, they didn't put their noses to the ground, and then - a burst of ferocious barking. With my bad outfit and now bad attitude I am looking around, turning my whole body watching and listening, confused - I can't see anything. I look again and the dogs are now fixated on the roof three doors down. Yup, they were right! Two men on the roof with hoses. Now that *is* something to bark at, after all. They smelled them first before they could see them. Amazing. Moral of the story is trust the dog. He knows what he is talking about even though you haven't a clue.

Lori Sash-Gail, a brilliant NY dog trainer coined the phrase "stackable."